Thursday, May 28, 2009


Golden Wage, The Joggers track on the new split 7" with Oxford Collapse, is now available on Itunes. Check it y'allz. P.S. from comments below:  Please head to starting later today to preorder the 7". You will get mp3's of the songs INSTANTLY at checkout! 

This 7" is limited to 500 numbered copies and we should have them in 2 weeks... we just approved the test pressings.

So THere!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


From the Troubadour green(black) room. Phoenix was so killer, the Thermals ARE BACK! Not that they went anywhere but last night was tremendous. The crowd even went nuts for us! And the JOGGERS license plate was in the parking lot. Photo's and video of the EXTREME dance party to follow ( I woke up with bruises) Tonight LA, cue Randy Newman.....We Love It! NOT THE LAKERS THOUGH! AND the triumphant return of Point Juncture WA! I hope, where are they? 30 mins until doors! 4 more shows after tonight. My buddy and ex bass player in college party band Beggars Canyon is coming tonight. He has to break away from his duties as producer for The Hills! I'm not name-dropping, I just think that IS HILARIOUS! Hoping beyond hope that Rob Cordry comes too, heard he is a huge Therms fan and I am a fan of his. Oh what is that I hear?the keyboard strains of PJW?!!! YES IT IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C U SOON  Homies!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Dallas, Austin and San Antonio all in the books. Dog days of this tour for sure. One week and 5 shows left. All is well, though I think everyone can smell home. Thermals are off to Phoenix, we are staying in Austin with friends, our 4th day here. Will leave tomorrow. Dallas was good, definitely some SH heads in attendance, there's been quite the smattering of folks I've noticed showing up for us exclusively which is nice. Left after the early show to crash in Austin. Austin show was kinda nutty. The onstage sound was squeely, my rack tom mic, unwieldy and Nick's ears were water clogged. I don't think the audience noticed but it was a battle, and SXSW never really ends, cuz there was a band next door blastin, we were outside, as were they and we were competing for decibels. Still love this town though.

San Antonio, whoa. Never been. Went to the Alamo, duh. Played smallest venue of the whole tour. Had to set the merch up out front to save space. But was off the chain show wise. Killed it. Love those types of packed almost basement like shows. Therms killed as well. And also killing it were the swedish black metal bands next door. Whoa INSANE. Westin and Mayhaw both bought Ebola Zaire shirts! Two(!) days off then Phoenix, LA, SJ, 2xSF, and HOME.

Friday, May 22, 2009

bummed I missed this

SM and the Jicks @ Douggie Fir .Nice shirt.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuck Inside a Van With the Memphis Blues Again

Hey Y'all,
Southern Hospitality by way of Portland, here in Memphis, at the lovely home of Ms. Jessica Jones of WE Quit fame Yea! We are here an extra day cuz Hutch can't sing so tonights Little Rock show was cancelled. Sorry Bill and Roger Clinton! Recap: Atlanta was a blast. Was the last night with PJW so we partied down so hard we had to throw out our clothes. Sky Mayhaw Nick Tui and I all stormed the stage to dance and sing in the Thermals backstage Alt Apparell schwag and short shorts. I think Amanda from PJW has great footage. THEn we killed a basement bar Dance night in the Therms hotel. All involved were covered in sweat from head to toe, and yes a conga line did break out! Day off in ATL, rainy but helped out by old Jogg buddy Tommy Chung (Thanks Tommy!) Stayed in one of the more sketchier hotels in the Atlanta metro area.

Then off to Birmingham. Whoa! The greatest venue in the country, HANDS DOWN! My lawd. The Bottletree! Started by a fellow from Man or Astro Man? it is an OASIS in an otherwise dumpy rock club tour! Two airstream style trailers in a festive lit patio serve as greenrooms (AND U CAN STAY THE NIGHT WHICH U F"N BELIEVE WE DID!) as well as a tiki style area w/ pinball and Mario Bros. And the staff, Ugh, mega-crush! Good food, good vibes, the tops! Thanks Bottletree!

Memphis started out at Graceland Too. Not to be confused w/the real one. Umm the things that took place there cannot be discussed on this blog.
(this is not footage from our tour, btw, but you tube it up for a taste of the experience, but you don't get the smell, or the awkward silence,we didn't laugh, or hint of terror) All I can say is that Jeff is now known as Chachi. Show was...ok and we're here another night and about to settle down for a group cooked southern style meal. Talk to you soon, Dallas tomorrow, then Austin. On our way home. I miss softball, my main boycat Otis, and all the jaded snobs of beloved Portland. Seriously folks, get outta there for a little while, and appreciate what y'all got, and stop hatin on everything(except starfucker). If you lived here, or most other places you'd be lucky if any half decent band came to your town once or twice a year. Ok peace out galpalz!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have hushpuppy breath, and am trying not to sweat in the continuing mugginess. Severe southern hospitality last night. I also got in a beer chugging contest with a bonafide Charleston SC debutante, and lost. Atlanta right now, will I see old friends? who knows, because my macbook bit the dust NO! Goodbye blogosphere for a bit. Ummm too much to say in no time, Shows have continued to be great, and I'm keeping my hair up under my hat at all stops!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Umm still got it NYC. Beautiful day 4 here. I can see why EVERYBODY moves/lives here, and with days like yesterday and today, I could be tempted. The couple o times I have though, it KICKED MY ASS and Portland rules too hard, even if established bands are moving there now, but at least they aren't taking our jobs...wait what? Oh DAMN!!
Anyway finish it off at Music Hall of Williamsburgh tonight, which used to be Northsix. A HISTORIC place in Joggers lore.
Way back in 03(?) Joggz destroyed the basement there with a bottle of vodka on stage, and essentially got signed on the spot. And look where that got us...but I digress...
Anyhoozle they spiffed that place up now I hear and it should be squishy fondness in my RoadDogVanRat heart tonight. Philly tomorrow to see my best buddies and play at the amazing Johnny Brenda's.
My hard drive is so crammed I can barely keep my laptop ON let alone upload any fotos/video. Unless i fall into a puddle of cash, I'm gonna have to let my words paint the pictures for a while ok?
Chilling at Josh and Alexis' in Fort Greene, thanks guys. Barely helped DJ Hickory spin some fresh ones at the Bell House last night. Caught up w/ some old buddies and saw Deradoorian w/ full band pretty up the joint.
Saw a little of some Ipod/Iphone song band not really impress. I mean after seeing the crowds everynight for Therms and sometimes us, and then seeing people last night ,trying to be cool, but just looking bored, I was thankful, and glad to be in and on tour with, Actual energetic dare I say entertaining bands. Drank too much and fell asleep in the Kicks van on the way home, ooops. If I didn't have severe shin splints from walking all day for 3 days in my TOMS, I'd have a spring in my step.......

Have Fun, I am;

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Whoa hey, catchup time. Portland ME was the best show so far, there I said it, and I said it AFTER Boston and 2 of our 3 NY shows. But hey it's true. Amanda from PJW has some sweet footage mabes I can put it up. Yea great vibes and we played out of our heads. And then there was AFTER...I'll post more on that at another time. Boston, Middle East was killer. Then we just played two nights at the Bowery and they were great. The staff there is awesome and hilarious. And an overall good time was had even if Nick got lost and we waited ready on stage wondering if we would get to play (we did). So a well needed day off in Brooklyn today. Ventured off w/ the Point Juncture WA team last night and had a nice evening and brunch with those folks. Now hangin with my main man Josh, and I'm gonna accompany him to spin some killer tunes at the Bell House. More later......

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Northampton/ (other) PORTLAND

In Portland ME. Westin is checking his drums. He's a great drummer but the worst drum checker. Every time Anna says "kick" he hits snare, etc. Gotta love em. Umm, where are we, where were we? SICK after show ritual started last night called Afterparty Basketball Dance off. Especially fun when local drunks wander into the mix and get us working the old school reverse weave, "PASS IT!" Shut down by the cops as soon as "It Takes Two" was hitting full stride. Drove for 3 1/2 in downpour to sleep at the Atlantic Ocean (not in it). Art space in Portland ME, let's see what happens. PLEASE put us up someone?!!

Boston tomorrow, then Big NYC weekend.


Monday, May 4, 2009


Great show in Cleveland, crowd surfing, and school dance lighting. After show major sweaty dance party, met some kind souls who drove me way across town to sleep in the van. Awesome people.

Sunny Buffalo, family and friends in attendance, played well but the crowd was dead. Saturday night but you wouldn't know it. I'm sure they were appreciative, but had a hard time showing it. Down the street lay the ruins of The Aud. Old school hockey arena where I caught Van Hagar, and REM though I spent my money to see Radiohead, circa The Bends open. But instead heard Thom Yorke say "Thank you" as the lights came up. Hated REM ever since. Crazy scene, half of the arena is still standing, looking like Mad Max meets Pink Floyd at Pompeii. Had the luxury of getting hooked up w/ a sweet hotel from my folks. After the show my cousin John and I ran head first into douchebag central AKA a fine establishment known as BadaBing. D-Bags yellin "You Wanna Go?" and their girlfriends jumping in to fight as well. Retreated to a latenight sub shop, which doubled as the end of the night pit stop for lonely heavy girls, one of which body checked me and yelled "Don't even think of touchin my sub!" while we were just sitting down to wait for our food. I then looked over to see the line up of gals,done up saturday night style, waiting to feed the pain of another fruitless saturday night.

Toronto was awesome, wild crowd in the front who were mucho psyched for us (for some reason). Good merch sales, and, well... Canada rules. Day off at the folks place then Northampton Mass tomorrow night.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Ann Arbor/ Cleveland

Hey now!
Ann Arbor was pretty much a kick ass fest last night so much in fact that the Blazers season ending loss didn't send me into a spiral of depression. In fact, I felt proud of the boys on the most fun season as a Blazer fan that I can remember in quite some time. So, PJW had to cancel again (NO!) but rather, this time, TANNING was called upon to deliver in time of crisis, and...I think was...ok. PJW are back and ready to party tonight here in Cleveland though, so we are a family again.
Blind Pig was a dirty muggy mess of goodness, and then we were treated to a sweet version of Beast of Burden by Ann Arbors finest classic rock cover band. If they aren't known in that way, they are NOW in my book.
Super thanks to the Thermals for letting me play and thanks to all the kind folks who were into the set and want an album.
Umm yea we'll see about that one. Ok c u soon, here's a taste of the 3rd ever TANNING show in front of way too many people:

g eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee