Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jake Morris Group Wins CMJ! (In a Tie)

Outside, Leonard St,NYC, in front of the Knitting Factory:
"Hey! Hey! Please I have a Very Important Client coming in 15 minutes"screams a long blonde tressed executive in 5 inch heels as she pounds on the window and exterior of a converted ice cream truck, now the vessel to the bombastic BEATS and narratives of Andre the Giant and Lionel Richie that is Rob Walmart.
Earlier, a trenchcoat wing tip stormtrooper, still gliding through the streets via his golden parachute blasts "Hey, you gotta turn that down!" He doesn't ask.
As the grey hair skulks away the volume lowers .0000005 decibels for 2.5 seconds, then returns to full block party levels.
A woman and her two toy dogs, pause a moment to take it all in. Chantelle flees inside, "I'm gonna get in trouble".
Beastie Boy Mike D rides by on his bicycle, looking weathered and unfamous.

Then we played and it was pretty good.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hi there to anyone still paying any attention.
Looks like there is pretty solid evidence of an upcoming Joggers/Pan Tourismos split 7" in the works.
That's as many details that exist so far. Songs, number of songs etc. are all being sifted and lifted in the boredroom as we speak.
It will come out on Partisan, date TBA

Jake Morris Group, featuring Dan Wilson and Josh Wise from French Kicks will be playing 3 shows in NYC during CMJ.
check it all out at the myspace
If you are around come by. Joggers proper have not been there in quite some time.
And if the songs up on the JMGmyspace don't impress, don't let that deter you, as most of the material being performed will be a new batch of music created in NY, right in front OF YOUR EYES

Hope to have more for you soon!