Saturday, October 31, 2009


We made it! No one slept on the plane. I tried but ended up watching Whatever Works, The Hangover, and I Love You Man. Johannes, our driver and sound guy absolutely rules, and we've only known each other a day and a 1/2. He has started to hijack the Shakyblog too. Walked around Paris yesterday, and stayed w/Mayhaws cousin who lives in a studio the size of a shoebox. The seven of us, Nick's wife Kristie is with us, and a friend of his that was visiting, somehow all slept there. I wish we got a photo, it was kinda like a clown car scenario. That night Jeff and I got lost trying to get back to said apartment from Johannes place. It was fun though and we kept laughing because none of us has a working phone, and we kept back tracking but ending up not where we intended.

We loaded in and just sound checked. My drums kinda rule. Old Premiers, Keith Moon's drum of choice. They look and sound amazing. We get our own beds tonight, the thought of that got us through last night, and the fact that we were exhausted. I think I slept 13 hours, though not soundly. I have only a few photos so far. I'll try and get them up soon. It's Halloween, but you wouldn't know it. Maybe people will be in costume tonight? We'll be dressed as clueless Americans of course.

Yesterday we all sat at a cafe next to Johannes' awesome apartment and I ordered an Americano. What they gave me looked like Iced Tea, but instead was a very strong drink made with Compari. I drank it anyway of course, and it was hilarious. The first of many snafu's coming in the next month.

Another stupid thing we find ourselves doing is speaking English with a Horrible french accent when we don't know how to say something, which IS ALL THE TIME. Other than merci, and bon jour I'm clueless. And ,when pressed, I forget those too. Funny stuff.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here We Go

31.10.2009 Paris (FR), Mains d’Œuvres w/ Part Chimp, Get Back Guinozzi!
01.11.2009 Brighton (UK), Prince Albert
02.11.2009 Cardiff (UK), Clwb Ifor Bach
03.11.2009 Manchester (UK), The Ruby Lounge
04.11.2009 Glasgow (UK), Captain’s Rest
05.11.2009 London (UK), Fortuna Pop @ The Lexington
06.11.2009 London (UK), presents @ Cargo
07.11.2009 Offenbach (DE), Hafen 2 w/ Thank You, Matteah Baim
08.11.2009 Muenchen (DE), Atomic Cafe
09.11.2009 Vienna (AT), Rhiz
10.11.2009 Ljubljana (SI), Channel Zero
12.11.2009 Basel (CH), 1. Stock
13.11.2009 Luzern (CH), Treibhaus
14.11.2009 Freiburg (DE), Swamp
15.11.2009 Berlin (DE), NBI
16.11.2009 Hamburg (DE), Molotow
17.11.2009 Aalborg (DK), 1000Fryd
19.11.2009 Bergen (NO), Garage
20.11.2009 Oslo (NO), Blå
21.11.2009 Stockholm (SE), Fritz’s Corner @ Debaser
23.11.2009 Copenhagen (DK), Loppen w/ Damien Jurado
24.11.2009 Poznan (PL), Klub Pod Minoga (NEW!)
25.11.2009 Prague (CZ), Klub 007
26.11.2009 Koeln (DE), Tsunami
27.11.2009 Utrecht (NL), Le Guess Who Festival
28.11.2009 Haarlem (NL), Patronaat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hazy Daze

(Wilsons new slide technique, somewhere in Europe, see u soon buddy!)

In Charlottesville VA at the venue, which is basically a middle eastern themed coffee shop, but only serves tea. Apparently they only have Beirut albums as well. Oh well. Took a Vicodin 2day cuz i tweaked my back/neck during the first song last night. And I was hungover from the old last night of tour ritual w/Pomegranetes and Headlights. Needless to say I feel WEIRD. And the tinge in my back is not really any better, oh and I put way too much Tiger Balm on it and I smell like a post game press conference. So don't expect much UVA. A coupla days of R&R are just what I need before Plane'n it to Paris.

P.S. Have you driven a Ford lately?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wrap up/Catch up

Hello from Chapel Hill NC and the last of our nights with the Pomegranates,and Headlights. Philly was a blast despite the monsoon like downpours which kept many of the bike riding Phillyites at home. But we were able to discover the amazingness that is Sand. And after listening to the whole album twice and researching them, we thought they were from Germany at first. Then we find out they are from PORTLAND! Two members later went on to be in Quarterflash, but I'm putting them at #1 with a bullet on the list of best Portland bands past or present. There I said it. Thanks Nate! He bought the record in Portland, maybe at Crossroads, and I am eternally grateful for it. We will now begin further archiving for our Soft Nuggets Series, look for it from Rhino soon.

DC was a pretty great show, well attended and we played great. DC never fails for interesting conversations with very educated and quirky strangers. You'll have to wait til my memoir "ROAD DOG" Confessions of a Beat Snake comes out next year for more.

Tomorrow, our last US gig before Europe in Charlottesville VA then off to Paris. To say I can't wait would be an understatement. Look for me during Blazers games in the "Where In The World" segment. I'll be the dude in the Blazers satin Starter Jacket and Sabonis jersey standing by the Eiffel Tower.

Stay tuned it's gonna get Kway-Zay!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Leave for Philly in a minute. Played an acoustic apartment thing yesterday morning for Baeble music was cool despite the early rise. Filmed and should be up in December. Then played for single digits at the Knitting Factory and played on terrible sounding backline drums. But, had a great night with good buddies Josh Nick Matt and Alexis. Mexican, beers and some ill advised Texas Hold Em. The Introspection Tour rolls on. Change is a comin on my eventual return home to Portland, still seemingly forever from now. Off to see more good friends, Sue and Nate, and then more fam in the DC area. Europe is coming, so close now.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New York

It's beautiful today. Trying to rest up for a busy coupla days here. Cakeshop tonight @ midnight. Then a video/acoustic thingy at 11am! 2 moro, and play again @ 5. Hope to see some friends and try not to antagonize TOO MANY Yankees fans, but no promises. Just got our European Tourbook, very exciting. Crazy to think in a week we'll be in Paris. Nutty.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Official b/w The Truth about Do What You Love

It's Official: Go Phillies. Unless The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim get their collective shit together in a major way and the Umps do likewise we're lookin at a Phillies Yanks Series. We will probably miss a great deal of it in Europe. That is sad.

Now on to the notion of doing what you love, and how pure and amazing and awesome that is. B.S. Plain and simple. Yea I do what I love, or more simply what I do best, for a "living" (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah) yea right. But, there is as much stress, drama, whatever you want to categorize it as as any profession, if not more. You've got ego's, fragile psyche's, self doubt, loneliness, exhaustion, oh and dare I mention financial implications or lackthereof. I know I'm not saying anything new, but it's day to day like everything else. having a child or 2 or 3. Managing a company or crew, or marriage, or team,or students in your classroom. Yea there's more booze, but not always. Everyone has Mondays and Saturdays. And everyone has to look in the mirror and question their happiness, and if what they are doing is what's in their heart as true and pure. And when you get to a certain point it's hard to know what that even means to yourself and the universe. And if it means anything, or if it's just a way to get from day to day. Or if purity exists in a way that is realistically attainable. Things are fine, things are good and we have a long way to go. let's just be honest about ourselves and our place in this world.

Swingers, Flop Houses, and Half-Pipes

Setting up the merch in Chicago and I notice a couple making out, but I'm not offended by it. I remember thinking to myself," That's sweet". I head in to the main room and when I get back I notice the same girl now kissing another girl, and a little longer than just a friends kiss. Next thing you know the three of them are involved in a full on 3 way make out sesh. The group of onlookers in growing as it's hard to ignore. This continues for a while.

I go about my daily tour business and notice this is continuing. Only now, a husky built guy in tight indie pants and sweater has approached the girl girl guy triad. He begins nudging one of the girls, but remaining at arms length. I think he may have come to the show with this girl, and feel bad for him as it looks like they won't be leaving together now. He doesn't gain or attempt eye contact though and the threesome continue going for it, vigorously. He remains at his awkward arms length post.

It is at this time that I notice the group gathered on the couch next to all of this. It is then that I realize we got ourselves a group of swingers. They are all cuddling on the couch, in no way putting on a show as the others but observing in a way that they are the elders and seeing their new recruit handle this public display. This goes on throughout the night. I don't know what the cover was, at least 10 bucks, and the whole lot of them never left the couch pool table area, or set foot in the main room where the bands played. I still feel bad for the awkward guy, even if he knew what he was in for, he did not look comfortable.

Pontiac MI was the next stop. We were late, but arrived to a very nice club. Great sound and facilities and very hospitable folks. Played fine despite leaving my cowbell behind in Chicago. An employee of the club, off on this night offers us a place to stay blocks from the club. A younger sweet couple offer us a place as well but it's a half hour away in Detroit. We go with the closer option, and pay the price. We arrive at a big house and all seems fine. We walk in to what looks like a squat. Nothing anywhere except 2 loveseats and a couch in a little corner room. The place is littered w/ cigarette butts, beer caps and broken glass, and an odor to match. We sit on the couches, the only place to sit, and are then ambushed by a screaming horde of inebriated bros. As we sit there draped in our sleeping bags, road weary and obviously looking to just crash out, we are offered a sip from a half full plastic vodka bottle, cigarettes are lit up and we all look at each other wide eyed, silenty saying..."let's get out of here". Half of us stay in the van. Nick and I stick it out and by 9:30am we are on the road outta there......

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last night w/Blitzen Trapper was a hoot. Nice to play for a bunch o' people again, and met some nice folks. The BT put on a great show, and were quite hospitable chaps. Special thanks to Moses for fixing my kick pedal. Short drive to Chicago today. Hangin at friends nice place and awaitin load in at the Bottle. Get well soon Jesse, gonna miss hangin out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

College Tour Continues

Last night Columbia Mizzu. "Daddy,the Tiger Store!" Nice folks there, and our last headlining slot for a while and honestly, that's a relief. Tonight we play w/ fellow Portlanders (although in a higher tax bracket) Blitzen Trapper on the campus here in Urbana IL, or Champagne Champagne as I keep saying, I'll stop...maybe. Then we start our leg of the tour as the meat of Headlights, Pomegranates sandwich kicking off at the lovely Empty Bottle. The BTrappers are on like week 7 of their tour, which is nice to see they are in one piece as we just completed week one of a tour that will last until Dec 16th. Almost finished Gene Wilder's autobiography, and it is keeping me sane, not just for tour but in life. Recommended, Viva Skip Donahue! Okey doke, last night of the Travis Lehman Hotel Hookup Fun Run. Soaking it up best we can catching some baseball and having the cleaning staff shuffling us out as late as possible. Look out ladies of Illin' Oy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So, nice nice nice. Umm did u hear that Starf***** is now Pyramid Scheme, IRONIC? No.

Uh actually good times. St. louis was pretty cool. Thankssss. The Midwest. The Heartbeat of America. Poooooool party! Niceness. Lawrence was fun, Iowa City.....well.....And here we are, Columbia Mo tomorrow, then our KILLER HEADLINING section comes to a close w/ a Blitzen Trapper jam zone then go on tour w/Headlights and Pomegranates til Euro explosion 1999!!
So COLLEGE!!!!!!!! Thanxx y'all We good we happy , healthy. Smooches

Monday, October 12, 2009

SLC/Denver/ Lawrence

Cool day/night off in Denver. Watched the Broncos (not a fan) beat the Pats( Really not a fan) in OT in a bar w/ everyone goin nuts. Then that night we all laid in the dark and listened to the amazing Rockies Phillies game...on the radio! My fave. Was nice, especially when the fans were chanting Rocktober!

In Lawrence, you know, I mean, bought great shoes and masks here, but how many actually good shows? Remains to be seen tonight. Dr. Dog is again in town and AGAIN grabbing any and all Monday night music lovers in the process I assume but, you know, stick to the motto: Assume the worst, hope for the best. Off to somewhere new tomorrow, thats somethin......

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ugh, ok alrighty, here we go. Thanks for bearing with us Boise. Do better next time.
Gooooood night. Try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Playoff Baseball, since 2002, is synonymous with touring. Right now, as Cliff Lee finishes his game one complete game victory, I am packing, and normally would be finishing Tshirts last minute. Everyday for the next few weeks we'll be racing to get to the venue or a nearby sportsbar to catch as much of the games as we can. The Joggers 03 tour highlights revolve around the MLB playoffs. we raced through our set opening for Neil Hamburger in Moorehead MN so we could get back to catch the RedSox/Yankees game 7, now in extra innings. And as soon as we got our gear off stage, and the two pitchers of beer...Aaron F'n Boone.

Then later in NY for the Yankees losing to the Marlins, and me heckling Yankees fans, and cowardly hiding behind a doorman. Later of course we were chased in to a cab by a mob of dejected Yankee fans. In 2004 when the Red Sox finally reversed the curse, we were on a day off in Denver. We witnessed an historical event only to be overshadowed by Bronson Arroyo's hideous blonde cornrows:

In 2002, Anaheim over the Giants, we were OPENING for open mic in Cortland NY. The last day of this past Shaky Hands tour we caught a sweet Giants Cards game in SF,whetting our appetite for the fall season. There is a small chance of getting to hit game 3 of the Rockies Phillies series in Denver. At the very least we'll feel the energy of watching it on TV blocks from Coors Field.

As we depart on a nearly three month jaunt, I wouldn't want it any other way. this year I'm still waiting to see who I am gonna get behind this fall. Jeff bleeds Phillies Red. I have to admit, now that the Red Sox have "gotten theirs" it's hard to root for them with that same intensity as you do for the underdog. I definitely have a tinge of Twin's Fever, and am rooting as hard for the Metrodome. But mostly I'm just going to enjoy the moments. Adios!