Monday, April 28, 2008


So For my money, best jicks show so far. Serious jams mellow, and slammin. Can't wait for tonight.
we were ok, weird playing big stages, thanks to Joanna for the Bass rig, was nice to hear Darrell.

Big Sleep @ spaceland LA

Thanks Angus and Liz!!!

Fillmore drunken hijinxxxkkks

We knew we were safe last night

Breakers All Gone, thanks Dan's SF Family!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Night Off In LA

The Trap in Dallas, sure ok

Also more fun on you tube:

And thanks to the band Welcome for this:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tuscon and Beyond

Great show at Plush. Major rowdies up front. Nice folks. Great to see Larry C. And thanks to Andrew for putting us up.
HOWEVER...Screw you Apple. We have three new(ish) macbooks and not a one of em has a fuctioning burner, and to boot we drove 25 miles to your wonderful store, after calling ahead mind you, and then you did not have the external burner in stock that 30 minutes earlier, you promised you did. Screw you and your flawed gear and annoying pissant 'greeter' who wouldn't get out of our face. This is why Dan quit your scam factory last year!

Anyway here are some photos I uploaded on my macbook with Intel Duo core processorTM

Zona Coma

SOLD, another of my favorite covers

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Photo's from Dallas show @ The Granada Theater:

Joggers/Jicks Tequila tasting in Albuquerque.
I passed out and missed out. Take it away Dan...
weird vibes in new mexico. OUr soundcheck was like sitting on a island in the middle of the pacific. the staff, did not give a fuck. we retired to the basement and did pullups, made jokes about pee, shared tequila, and i smoked a lot. Show wasn't that bad, jicks were great even with the sound chasm and steve fell into his amp and knocked it over. yes! all well and then we retired to some awesome super geeks house; they live in madmax style post apocalyptic pc wasteland, build spider robots, and drink absinthe. ALLLL RIIIGGHHHTTT.

Thanks Dan, Darrell compared our accommodations to walking into the movie Real Genius.
Off to Tuscon...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dallas, Lubbock, Albuquerque

Large. Hot, Steamy. Currently Stormy. En Route to Albuquerque. Here are some visuals.
Still absorbing Scotts Bootleg Bonanza. Miles Davis Septet mid 70's mind blower currently creeping out the Nw Texas landscape.
SW/ New Mexico. Desert drive, providing perfect background for the BONO tour shirts

Here's the tracklist for the TOUR ONLY CD:
1. Talking At Keith
2. Golden Wage
3.Knock Kneed Heart
(these three are newest, recorded with our friend Mitch)
4. No Dice *
5. Top O' the Cat^
6. Scimitar Flange*
7. Long Distance Runaround (Yes)
8. Plenty of Room^
9. Empty Vessel/Half Full^
10. Ziggurat Traffic (Original Version)

*Solid Guild session B side
^With A Cape and A Cane B side

Monday, April 21, 2008


1st night with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, mega sweet.
Much love to Jordan, and Paul. And to Scott, whoa what a care package, thanks for the ridiculous amount of music and TP!
Fun all around let it ride!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

sorry this one is sold

by dan

by jake

Sweet though brief hike in Carbondale CO. Make it barely on time to Denver but it sure looks like it was worth it eh?

Thanks to George for the RADisson hook up!

Currently in Lawrence watching 'Christine', where a guy in a Pendleton Lebowski sweater is giving a girl the heimlich to save her from...well...Christine. I thought Bronson Pinchot was in this, I am incorrect.

Jackpot Saloon treated us well, fun Friday night, toodles.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

DIY til we're tired Tour. Day One

First off, BIG UPS to Joe, Corrina and The 31 Knots gang for usage of their smooth ridin Chevy.
You's guys are d best!

Darrell making Tour CD's. All new and unreleased hand made beauty's

Great start in SLC. Beards take the opening round of doubles in the mountain air. Then a great show . more later

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Pictures/RIP Blackbird

Thanks Chantelle
We can't fit in these shirts anymore. Solid Guild,Murphy era, Blackbird.

Sorry Panther...

Most of these broke in some form during our first show in 8 months, @ DF with the 'bring their own light show' 31Knots.
Saturday a little more rust was removed for the fancy dancin folks of Lewis and Clark.
Sorry to Joe and Charlie for crapping out early.
See you wednesday Salt Lake!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Long Time No

We Are playing our first showz in a LOOOONG time this weekend.
Friday @ Doug Fir w/ 31knots. Totally Last minute replacement style, don't expect much.
and Saturday @ Lewis and Clark's SUNBURN FEST w/Panther,Cave Singers Fist Fite, and others and we have no idea what time or the order so...yea SARS.

BUT... Then we will be hittin za road. see below, I think all those dates are up to date.