Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Out Your Calenders

Busy Summer of shows, check em out:

Thurs July 8th. YLANG YLANG @ Holocene, w/O BRUXO, and Aan

Saturday July 10th: The return of HEAVY NOVA, 8pm @ Mississippi Street Fair


Saturday July 31st The JOGGERS @ PDXPOPNOW!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time Passages

The summer, so far, has been pretty bleak here in Portland. The most rain in June since the Lakers and Celtics went head to head in the 80's. Considering the spring was as rainy as ever, most got through those doldrums with the memories of 09's endless river trips and the knowledge that those days were just around the corner. Not so much. So, with July approaching, a move in the works, an open ended recording session on the horizon, a new project awaiting in August in California, and a long overdue family visit at the doorstep, the clouds have been bringing on even more introspection than usual.

First there was the agonizing 10 year anniversary of this:

I blame Walton. Doug Collins did color for Game 6. Why Walton for Game 7?
(Doug Collins daughter Kelly was graduating DAMN!)
You shoulda known it was coming Boston.

But I digress.
I think Trial of the Century, By French Kicks is a criminally overlooked/underrated album.
And not just because I toured in the band at the time. I didn't play on the record.
It kills and predates anything by The National, or anything 'pop' bands are doing now. And they opened for them (us) in '04 for that matter.

Good times 2/4/04 NYC:

It's been a crazy last almost 11 years in Portland. I hope summer comes soon. What's next?.......................