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So as far as Portland music goes you've got it covered with my buddies here. Unfortunately there's a bunch of sub par bands that are being pushed under A&A's umbrella and wearing a bright red sash emblazoned with Portland Music Scene Are We. They are not real and they will fade and the next trend (grunge house?) that arises will swipe said sash, and Ages and Ages will remain. This band makes me smile every time I see them, and yea I used to play with Tim and Kate, and am proud of that.

This blog is so boring these days and I'm glad to have friends to remind me that great things could be just around the corner.
I had a hard time deciding which song 'cos they are all really great, but I am such a nostalgia based person, especially music wise and this is the oldest song of theirs that I remember, and lo and behold it's called....'No Nostalgia'