Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RE: Tour Cd's

There have been some requests for The TOUR ONLY cd's. Unfortunately at this time they are going to stay true to their title, TOUR ONLY. Some of the material we are still hoping to 'officially' release and will let y'allz know if/when that becomes a reality. Sorry to those of you in areas we didn't cover on this tour, that was out of our hands, and to those who were in tour range, your loss bro. We still have one show in Seattle next weekend, might have some avails fer that show.

Sorry but hopefully with a little luck we'll have an official release, or @ least news of something in that area in the not too distant futura.

Meanwhile we are trying to adjust to civilian life, and hash out our future exploits. Thanks to all who came out again, and for all of your interest.

Let's Hang Out Soon!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Portland, Canada, Home

Home, great times. Thanks again to Stephen, Janet, Joanna, Mike, Mark and Dutch. A blast.
Victoria was arguably our best show to date, even though we played too short. And Vancouver came close, as well, but was trumped by the duck pin bowling, air hockey, pool jam that followed in it's wake.

Oh and Portland show goers, we won't be seeing you (from the stage) in a long time. Might have something to do with you being the lamest audience of an entire tour.

We'll be headin to Seattle next weekend for a show with our main bros. French Kicks.
Until then back to civilian life.
Thanks to everyone who came out, bought stuff and most of all, those who put us up (One Hotel whole tour!)


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playin Catchup



Oh Herro.
So we all got to sleep in our own beds last night after truckin home from Eugene.
Photo's and reviews can be found

Sacramento, Did Yes cover in honor of the presence of THE Gary Young. Meeting/hanging with him is everything you'd expect, and a little more from Pavements first and best drummer.
Felt bad he couldn't have played it with us but we could barely play it ourselves. Laughed harder with the whole crew than I can remember. Stephen stunted our t shirt sales .Jicks were FIRE.

Arcata. Pulling up to the pizza place, expectations were honestly low, but turned into Humboldt Hoedown.
Dreaded Hippies chix shimmying on tables, sweating enough to steam the restaurant windows, and some of the best tour stories we have heard anywhere. Thanxxx doods!

So tonight we play our hometown, but the stay is brief, off to The Great White North early tomorrow, toodlez