Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad Blogging

So, i haven't been nearly as diligent thus far on what I hoped to be a return to form "tour blog" but....Im gonna try and catch up but also am realistic enough to know that it cant ever be like it once was, and theres too many factors to why that is true. Its a different animal, and a different pace and buzz control. But it is great so far and I think tonight, in Ottawa, we may have glimpsed what it might mean to hit our stride. Not that we have, but it was a sweaty burner, the setlist perfect, and if it were any other band I've ridden the rails w/ we'd stick w/it for many or most of the shows, but that won't cut it out here. And thats fun too. Got out of MY comfort zone tonight ,in a good way and the encore consisted of TWO songs I HAVE NEVER PLAYED but it was a blast. Once Steve sheds his jet lag, and I can heal we'll b all good. I'm currently nursing THREE contusions from the last 2 nights all foolishly acquired in the clumsy line of duty. But worth every bloody drop. Holy Sons are delivering and morphing from orb to orb each night. Every single one of them dudes is a master. Im sad Wilson cant be here with us, but the only consolation is really seeing each Son really shining. It's only the beginning. Send money

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